The Death of an Island

This website is dedicated to the reporting of the ongoing destruction of Mageshima Island and the surrounding environment. The death of a beautiful island due to corporate greed, Japanese and American government corruption, and dishonesty by the Japanese Ministry of Defense and the United States Department of Defense.

A very sad story of how this island, once a thriving community of over 500 people, was slowing turned into an airstrip with now confirmed plans to convert the island into a military base. These pages expose those who contributed and continue to contribute to the demise of this gem of Japan. The facts, which will be listed in reverse chronological order, show the events which led to this tragedy and should serve as a wake up call to the inhabitants of neighboring islands. The military is headed for your neighborhoods as well.
What can you do?

Please support our effort to keep the military off Tanegashima Island. A link to our support page will be set up soon. Please continue reading to learn more about this terrible threat to the Tanegashima way of life.